Monday, 5 January 2009

Day 22

Day 22, Week 4, Session 9

Welcome to Week 4 - Half-way through the 6 week trial.

This evening's session was meant to be tomorrow morning's session, but work gets in the way of life... if burning one's leg hair can be referred to as 'life'.

Time: 45 min

Result: Really good! The shaved-last-night feel. Thorough as well.

- NEW HOTBLADES! I'm not sure if they ever explained WHY they want you to throw away a blade after 3 hours use, but now I can tell you: Melting hair slowly coats the wire in gunk, making it much less effective. The long hair hotblade i've been using for three weeks is still intact and straight but, when I put the new blade in the no!no!, i could immediately feel the difference - So much more heat! And correspondingly more efficient at melting through hairs. And so, less time consuming.
A big contrast to yesterday's session that left patches of un-touched hair.

- Unfortunately, while the starter pack comes with a spare long hair hotblade, the Myer store in Sydney (city) only has replacement stubble blades.

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  1. heya Pip, just catching up on your efforts - keep going :-)