Thursday, 19 February 2009

Day 66 - Ah for feck's sake

Day 66, Week 10, Session 21

Wednesday evening.

I tried. I really did.

Too muggy, no!no! kept sticking. Had a shower. Tried again. Still sticking. Gr,
Managed to bend the wire of the long blade totally out of the casing. How the hell did that happen? As in, you'd need a latch to go in, grab the wire and then pull it out to hook it over the little plastic claws of the casing. MY LEG HAIRS ARE NOT LATCH-HOOKS!

Totally convinced that the stubble blades aren't doing ANYTHING. Buff or no buff, stubble or longer - nothing is going zap there. WTF.

Eventually, fuck this and the horse it rode in on, and I gave up. Having wasted yet another hour of my life trying to exercise patience and hope.

I shaved.

It is now a day and a half later and it feels like freshly no!no! stubble.
Screw this.
I am OVER it.
They never guaranteed success and in fact went to great lengths to state that they had no idea how it worked. I guess i'm just one of the failures.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Day 63

Day 63, Week 9, Session 20

Last thing on a Sunday night.

Time: 40 min
Long blade, buff with 1200 grade, stubble blade, buff with 1200 grade

Results: Not the best. I'm not sure the stubble blades are doing anything! It is as if the hairs are only effectively cut when they are all long enough to be melted by the long blade.

Notes: Patience... patience...

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Day 60

Day 60, Week 9, Session 19

Four days since previous session - a bit longer than i had planned. Eh.

Time: 30 min!
That's for long blade, buff with 1200 grade, stubble blade, buff with 1200 grade. Super quick.

Results: Fine, i think. Sure i missed some. And i'm not sure the stubble blade had much of an effect... I need spare long blades.

Loving that 1200 grade wet-and-dry.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Day 56 - Sandpaper!

Day 56, Week 8, Session 18

There are so many better things i could be doing with my time...

Well, I had a full four days to grow my bristle-brush since last time and, armed with a couple of pieces of wet-and-dry sandpaper, the results are good!

Time: About an hour - i forgot to look at the clock
Only did one thorough go, and a couple of touch up passes on specific sites, with the long hair hotblade.

Results: Good! Long hairs are easy to see when you miss them, so i was quite thorough, although the soft flat-lying hairs on my thighs are irritating to the core. The stubble blade can't get them either, so i didn't bother even trying it today.
And the wet-and-dry sandpaper worked a treat! 1200 grade on the softer skin of my thighs, 800 grade on my lower legs where the skin is tougher and needs buffing off anyway. $2.25 for each sheet from Mitre10.

- had shower before, after, and between the first full go and the touch-ups. This heatwave gives vrey little time between clean and sweaty.
- still no obvious reduction of hair density.
- resenting the time taken to do this. Work is about to go mental - i just don't know if i will have the time to do this.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Day 52

Day 52, Week 8, Session 17

The top-up from yesterday's effort.

Time: 25 min
One pass only with the stubble blade.
But then, after showering, i saw patches in which hairs had been missed both by yesterday's long blade and by this morning's stubble blade. A couple of extra minutes going over a few specific areas made some improvement.

Results: Still not perfect. The main problems are the long soft hairs that are lying flat and are impervious to both blades. That, and my defunct buffer makes it harder to see missed hairs at the time.

- Well, i know it works now. Not once last week did i shave my big toe hair, and it hasn't grown. There is hope!
- I need to do a full, thorough session to get back on the no!no! horse. About 80 minutes of thoroughly zapping my legs and buffing the hell out of them, the full four step process, should get all the hairs back onto a schedule of being zapped. Gee, i wonder what i'm going to be doing on sunday morning...
Must buy some form of buffer, if i can't find a replacement no!no! buffer at Myer. Maybe a sheet of 1200 grade sandpaper...

Monday, 2 February 2009

Day 51

Day 51, Week 8, session 16

The first no!no! session in 12 days after a holiday during which i shaved twice.
There was a good four days worth of shaving regrowth there this morning - a bit too long perhaps.

Time: 45 min
As opposed to the full four step process, I only did one run with the long blade before buffing. It took quite a while to mow down all those hairs and i realised that doing the stubble blade step as well would make me abysmally late for work.
I reaped the reward of taking short cuts - my shower revealed to me all the hairs that had been missed.

Results: So many hairs missed that should have been zapped. And so SO many long soft hairs that are lying too flat to my skin to come within reach of the long blade's wire on the sides of my knees, my inner thigh and back of thigh.

I am going to have to do it again tomorrow. With the stubble blade. And any hairs that remain after that are going to have to be cut back short enough to stick out again.
Oh, and my buffer is dead. It is ultra-fine sandpaper on a foam block, essentially, and the paper has given up the ghost.
Why did i decide to keep doing this? Someone remind me.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Post-holiday catchup

There was a Day 39 session:
Day 39, Week 6, Session 15

I just didn't get around to posting it.

It took about an hour that thursday evening, I guess. I was sick, i wasn't really paying attention.
And then we went on holidays for a week and a bit.
And I forgot to pack the damn no!no! so i was forced to shave instead. Which i did, twice on (i'm guessing here) Days 43 and 47.

After nearly 6 weeks of no!no!ing to a recommended schedule, I am now at Day 50, the beginning of Week 8, having not no!no!ed during Week 7.
I have to say that my hair is still growing luxuriously and that i haven't noticed a stark change in hair density , although i have yet to scrutinise my legs thoroughly.

Well, the trial period has elapsed and the cessation of treatment did not reveal any magical effect.
Did i really dare to hope that this would be my miracle solution? Why would hair that defies wax yield to the no!no!??

Tomorrow, i will resume. Perhaps a longer period of treatment will yield results.
The Scientist in me demands a repeat of the experiment. If the result isn't reproducible, it can not be called conclusive.