Sunday, 1 February 2009

Post-holiday catchup

There was a Day 39 session:
Day 39, Week 6, Session 15

I just didn't get around to posting it.

It took about an hour that thursday evening, I guess. I was sick, i wasn't really paying attention.
And then we went on holidays for a week and a bit.
And I forgot to pack the damn no!no! so i was forced to shave instead. Which i did, twice on (i'm guessing here) Days 43 and 47.

After nearly 6 weeks of no!no!ing to a recommended schedule, I am now at Day 50, the beginning of Week 8, having not no!no!ed during Week 7.
I have to say that my hair is still growing luxuriously and that i haven't noticed a stark change in hair density , although i have yet to scrutinise my legs thoroughly.

Well, the trial period has elapsed and the cessation of treatment did not reveal any magical effect.
Did i really dare to hope that this would be my miracle solution? Why would hair that defies wax yield to the no!no!??

Tomorrow, i will resume. Perhaps a longer period of treatment will yield results.
The Scientist in me demands a repeat of the experiment. If the result isn't reproducible, it can not be called conclusive.

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