Saturday, 7 February 2009

Day 56 - Sandpaper!

Day 56, Week 8, Session 18

There are so many better things i could be doing with my time...

Well, I had a full four days to grow my bristle-brush since last time and, armed with a couple of pieces of wet-and-dry sandpaper, the results are good!

Time: About an hour - i forgot to look at the clock
Only did one thorough go, and a couple of touch up passes on specific sites, with the long hair hotblade.

Results: Good! Long hairs are easy to see when you miss them, so i was quite thorough, although the soft flat-lying hairs on my thighs are irritating to the core. The stubble blade can't get them either, so i didn't bother even trying it today.
And the wet-and-dry sandpaper worked a treat! 1200 grade on the softer skin of my thighs, 800 grade on my lower legs where the skin is tougher and needs buffing off anyway. $2.25 for each sheet from Mitre10.

- had shower before, after, and between the first full go and the touch-ups. This heatwave gives vrey little time between clean and sweaty.
- still no obvious reduction of hair density.
- resenting the time taken to do this. Work is about to go mental - i just don't know if i will have the time to do this.


  1. I admire you keeping on going with this - I hope you see some difference soon. The w2d sandpaper was a great idea!

  2. heh, i thought you'd appreciate it. It is impressive how much of a difference having an effective buffer makes. And it sure beats a loofah for exfoliation!