Monday, 2 February 2009

Day 51

Day 51, Week 8, session 16

The first no!no! session in 12 days after a holiday during which i shaved twice.
There was a good four days worth of shaving regrowth there this morning - a bit too long perhaps.

Time: 45 min
As opposed to the full four step process, I only did one run with the long blade before buffing. It took quite a while to mow down all those hairs and i realised that doing the stubble blade step as well would make me abysmally late for work.
I reaped the reward of taking short cuts - my shower revealed to me all the hairs that had been missed.

Results: So many hairs missed that should have been zapped. And so SO many long soft hairs that are lying too flat to my skin to come within reach of the long blade's wire on the sides of my knees, my inner thigh and back of thigh.

I am going to have to do it again tomorrow. With the stubble blade. And any hairs that remain after that are going to have to be cut back short enough to stick out again.
Oh, and my buffer is dead. It is ultra-fine sandpaper on a foam block, essentially, and the paper has given up the ghost.
Why did i decide to keep doing this? Someone remind me.

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