Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Day 52

Day 52, Week 8, Session 17

The top-up from yesterday's effort.

Time: 25 min
One pass only with the stubble blade.
But then, after showering, i saw patches in which hairs had been missed both by yesterday's long blade and by this morning's stubble blade. A couple of extra minutes going over a few specific areas made some improvement.

Results: Still not perfect. The main problems are the long soft hairs that are lying flat and are impervious to both blades. That, and my defunct buffer makes it harder to see missed hairs at the time.

- Well, i know it works now. Not once last week did i shave my big toe hair, and it hasn't grown. There is hope!
- I need to do a full, thorough session to get back on the no!no! horse. About 80 minutes of thoroughly zapping my legs and buffing the hell out of them, the full four step process, should get all the hairs back onto a schedule of being zapped. Gee, i wonder what i'm going to be doing on sunday morning...
Must buy some form of buffer, if i can't find a replacement no!no! buffer at Myer. Maybe a sheet of 1200 grade sandpaper...

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