Thursday, 19 February 2009

Day 66 - Ah for feck's sake

Day 66, Week 10, Session 21

Wednesday evening.

I tried. I really did.

Too muggy, no!no! kept sticking. Had a shower. Tried again. Still sticking. Gr,
Managed to bend the wire of the long blade totally out of the casing. How the hell did that happen? As in, you'd need a latch to go in, grab the wire and then pull it out to hook it over the little plastic claws of the casing. MY LEG HAIRS ARE NOT LATCH-HOOKS!

Totally convinced that the stubble blades aren't doing ANYTHING. Buff or no buff, stubble or longer - nothing is going zap there. WTF.

Eventually, fuck this and the horse it rode in on, and I gave up. Having wasted yet another hour of my life trying to exercise patience and hope.

I shaved.

It is now a day and a half later and it feels like freshly no!no! stubble.
Screw this.
I am OVER it.
They never guaranteed success and in fact went to great lengths to state that they had no idea how it worked. I guess i'm just one of the failures.


  1. I'm amazed at your patience to keep up with the routine so long. I gave up on shaving (and all other forms of hair removal) 15 years ago.

    So, have you seen any long term changes?

  2. I'll have to tell you in a few days when my hair grows back and i can rant at length.

  3. its a total scam. nono doesnt remove hair as they say
    and it burned my skin .
    and they dont return it as they say.
    its a stealing.
    i tried to return it when i discovered its fake but they refused.
    if you buy it u waste ur money

    did u manage to get ur money