Thursday, 8 January 2009

Day 25

Day 25, Week 4, Session 10

This evening's session was meant to be this morning's. Still within schedule.

Time: No idea. I was pretty thorough, so i'll guess one hour.
I did look at the clock, but i kept getting distracted by things. Lesson for the kiddies: Don't drink and no!no! On the upside, that Grampians Shiraz/cab sauv was really really GOOD...

Results: Good. I got them all. Loving that new longhair hotblade.


  1. Just committed to my own "no no" regime, but taking smaller bits at a time (toes, tummy, thighs first..) I found your blog because I had the same problem with burnt stretch marks, did a google search to see if this was normal and your blog showed up! Are you still having that problem or has it gotten better?

  2. I haven't really noticed the problem since the first time i did it. While I sometimes do still get a little redness on some of my stretchmarks, it certainly isn't anything like the burn when i used the no!no!. That first burn took a couple of days to fade back to normal, whereas any new redness fades with the shower.

    I guess that burning my stretch mark was a symptom of not having the glide technique perfected - you know how, when you move the no!no! jerkily over a unsmooth area, the blade disengages and re-engages in a really rapid juddering? I think that's when i did it.

    Good luck!