Sunday, 14 December 2008

Day 1 - first impressions

[Ed. I promise all subsequent posts will be much shorter.}
Whose stupid idea was it to try to commit to a regular treatment program during the Christmas period?!? Thursday just didn't happen.
Anyway, I've restarted the numbering and today was Day 1.
Woke up, had a shower, made tea and watched the instruction DVD. Then I no!no!'d my legs;
lower leg,
back of thighs all the way up, and
inner thigh to bikini line.
It is a 4-step process: You run the hot blade 'for longer hair' over an area until all the hairs are burned. You buff the skin. Then you run the hot blade 'for stubble' over the same area until the area is smooth, and re-buff the skin.

First impressions:
Things they warned me about.
1. Heat. I barely noticed the heat at all. Not even on my inner thigh. If you move the no!no! too slowly the hot blade disengages from the current so you can't burn yourself. I like this feature.

2. Odour. Yes, it smells like burning hair and you need to wash your body of the smell afterwards. Use in a ventilated area and this isn't a problem.

3. Redness. I see no redness over my legs akin to the post-wax polka-dot effect.
I do however have quite a bit of redness in my inner thighs where i had to no!no! the most. Especially, i have stretch marks on the inner thigh that have come up very red. It does say not to use the no!no! over scars but i forgot the stretch marks were there.
I will keep you posted as to how long it lasts.

4. Curved areas. Yes, knees are hard. While the slow gliding technique was easy to get the hang off with the help of the flashing green light, working out how to best work around the bumps and bones of the knee will take me a few sessions to master. Also, if you had a childhood that wasn't wrapped in cotton wool, those bumps in your shin bones will make gliding up the front of the leg harder.

Things they DIDN'T warn me about.
For two legs, it took 1.5 hours the first time. And i can still see that i missed bits.
This isn't like using a blade - you have to glide over an area repeatedly to get all the hairs, sometimes multiple directions, and you have to do it slowly to be effective.
There are 4 steps, yes, but you do them a dozen times!
I hope this gets faster as i go because i don't have 4-5 hours a week. Also, the Hot Blades are only meant to last for ~ 3 hours before the filament wire breaks. At this rate, i'll have to buy new ones every week. That would make me not happy.

6. The longer and softer the hair, the harder it is to convince the wire to connect with it - i had to repeat the whole 4-step process for my inner thighs which may be why i see redness there and not anywhere else.

After an hour and a half, my legs feel as if i shaved them last night and i can still see patches of hair. If the no!no! stubble isn't softer than shaving stubble, my poor Man is in for a rough six weeks. I'll have to start wearing stockings to bed!

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