Sunday, 28 December 2008

Day 15

Day 15, Week 3, Session 6

I was meant to do it yesterday, but I needed a whole day to recover from Saturday night.
Five days between sessions = too long. I hope I haven't missed the magical window of no!no! effectiveness. And I can tell you for sure that it hasn't occurred yet because after 5 days of growing I could see that every single last hair is still here.
Christmas season or not, the 2-3 times a week schedule must be maintained. Darn it.

Time: 60 min

Results: Same, though the longer hair on my inner thigh was resistant to being caught be the wire, as described on Day 1.

Notes: Sydney is REALLY humid at the moment. I left it a bit late in the day (10am) and my skin was sticky with the sweat. The no!no! doesn't glide on sticky skin and after wasting 10 minutes, i finally gave up and had a cold shower.

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