Thursday, 18 December 2008

Day 5

Third Session.

Probably shouldn't have done it this morning - every 2 days is a bit more frequent than the 2-3 times a week prescribed - but trying to find time on Christmas weekends is just too difficult to contemplate. I have better things to do, like sleep.

Used the long blade first - i hadn't grown many 'long' hairs in the previous 48 hrs but i'm sticking to protocol - and then got thorough with the stubble blade.
Also, I tried to concentrate on keeping the glide slow.(My patience runs out pretty quickly and I start moving the no!no! faster in the misguided hope that I'll be done sooner when it just means the no!no! is less efficient.)

Time for whole legs: 50 min
A little extra attention on the knees. That, and I was still half asleep.

Result: Not as close a crop as the first time. Stubble still soft, though.

Notes: In trying to stop my skin dying, i'm moisturising the day/night before I no!no!. Perhaps supple skin squishes away from the no!no! more, resulting in longer stubble. However, since i'm showering after no!no!ing in order to wash off the smell of burnt hair, I get to massage moisturiser into my legs and thighs afterwards as well. Perhaps I can nuke my hair and minimise the visible effects of cellulite at the same time! Ah, the beauty myth. How we love it!

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  1. Good luck with this!

    I can't really relate to your problem as my hair (both head and body) is dark, but superfine and soft. To see any hair on my arms, for example, you have to hold one at eye level. An epilator on my legs (or razor if I'm rushed) is normally enough for me.