Friday, 26 December 2008

Day 10 - a tardy post

Day 10, Week 2, Session 5

I can't get Blogger to datestamp my posts to Sydney time so the maths won't make sense - just trust me that Day 10 was Christmas Eve.
We were going to go away for Christmas and I didn't want to inflict burnt-hair-smell on anyone else so i squeezed in a session between finishing work and embarking on the road trip.

I cheated - simply used the stubble blade twice.

Time for whole leg, including top of thigh, knees and big toes:
60 min

Result: Using the stubble razor twice got me a smoother finish because I ended up seriously over doing it.
Probably not a smart move, but i wanted it to last as long as possible.
Which wasn't long - I was seriously spiky by Boxing Day anyway.

There is a Time Spent vs Results Achieved maxima that my idealism is ignoring. Duh. I should probably just follow the instructions or give up on the no!no! and use a razor.
My new mantra: "Just follow the damn instructions, you fool!"

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