Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Why Bother?

In answer to Mr Tops, I think a little self-justification is required here.
I do rant about the stupidity of society kow-towing to fashion on a regular basis so it does seem fairly hypocritical, or at the very least contrary, for me to place such a high value ($280 to be precise) on hairlessnessness.

Let me put it to you straight. The natural state of body hair may indeed be soft and, in a word, natural. But after years of hair removal that began at age 14 when i first borrowed my father's razor to vanquish the fine, pale hairs i had noticed poking through my ballet tights - I was 14, forgive me - my hair is now neither soft nor natural.
I belong to a gene pool where by hair is encouraged to fight back from insult. (You've seen my brother's back, right?) Net result: I am now very firmly in the realm of the bristle brush.

I'm getting married in 6 months and 2 weeks. I have a dream that my wedding day will not be preceded by 2 months of growing all my hair out so i can have one successful wax that will last out the honeymoon, and I am adamant that getting blood stains on my gown from all my shaving nicks will not be a concern that morning.

And to continue my stance against shaving, my poor Man got a leg-full of exfoliating stubble against his side this morning.
Saint that he is, he never said a word.


  1. Hey Pip

    I'm all pro choice : )

    I do, in fact, find the feel of a smooth hairless leg kind of appealing also.

    It's different to a the feel of a downy kind of leg but no better or worse (but having experienced stubble, yes he is a saint : )

    Never meant you to think I was making a judgment and, yes, I am genuinely interested in how the it works out.


  2. That's 'how it works out' not 'how the it works out' : )

    Can't believe I really speak English.

    All the best for the wedding!

  3. I'll be reading along to hear how it works out.

    I too come from hirsute stock and then I've got dodgy overies on top of that giving interesting hormones (is that TMI?) Oh and I'm really lazy.

    So the whole hair removal was a nightmare. So having a boyfriend to encourage me to forget about social pressure was a really good thing. But it never really goes away.

    If there is an easy solution then it's worth a go. I had a look on the website... So NFSW!!!!

    But there was precious little about how it actually works. I saw a few reference to heat wires... Does it burn the hairs off? In which case I don't expect it would be any more effective than shaving.

    More information please.

  4. Hi Mouse. Firstly, "NFSW"?

    Secondly, the basic principle is that the heat travels down the hair to the root, simultaneous with severing the hair. Since the root of the hair is only susceptible to heat disruption at a very specific point in the growing cycle, it is important to use the no!no! regularly to ensure you hit the critical time. I guess you know you've hit it when you look down one day and realise your hair hasn't grown. Of course, my hairs don't seem to all run to the same cycle so i'm not expecting a concerted result.

  5. NSFW... opps. Got my TLA arse about. Not safe for work. The prominent picture of the naked woman is a dead give away that it ain't work related.

    I must say I'm a little skeptical about heat affecting a folicle without burning the skin. Hair isn't a great conductor of heat.

    But as they say, there could be a particular temperature and timing that is effective.

    Please keep us informed as to how it's going.