Monday, 8 December 2008

Raison d'etre

I am a fairly hairy girl who, like every other hairy woman on the planet, seems to spend such a large portion of my life trying to become non-hairy that it would show up as the strange burnt-orange-coloured wedge of a pie chart.

I bought a no!no! just two days ago, and the sole purpose of this blog is to document my experiences and progress for the information of other potential no!no! users and for the amusement of my friends.

That's it.

Now, had i thought of this blog first, i would have taken photos of my legs as they were when, in my desperation, i spent $280 at Myer on a tiny fluoro pink device having not done any research of my own. Unfortunately, since the first thing i did yesterday was to shave off my patchwork waxing job so as to start with a uniform fur coat, I'll have to gross you out in words:

Waxing works for a matter of days before i get a fuzz of all the hairs that broke rather than pulled, and then at two weeks i begin to get the horrible regrowth of sparse yet thick and black hair that is patchy and involves a lot of ingrown hairs despite loofering every day.
At this point i have a choice - wax again at 4 weeks to get all the fast-growing hair and then wax AGAIN at 6 weeks to get all the slower-emerging hair (do the maths - this results in continual waxing), or start shaving when the hairs start emerging until i can do a full wax again. What is the point of waxing in the first place?
Shaving produces dark, thick 5 o-clock-shadow stubble which does nothing for my love life, not to mention a bloody mess courtesy of the ingrown hairs and other imperfections from years of stubbornly waxing my inner werewolf away.

Yet all this fades into insignificance against the fact that I have man-hair up the back of both my thighs.
All the way up.
It is dark, thick, runs in all directions, is the hardest to wax and produces the worst stubble rash imaginable. I wish I could show you a photo. Be grateful that I can't.

So, I shaved yesterday. Day 0.
The no!no! is meant to be used 2-3 times a week. I guess I'll do the first run on Thursday morning. Day 3. I'll let you know how i get on.


  1. omg you rock. I gotta see how this works - I'm so SICK of de-fuzzing all the time, and it takes hours. *sigh*

    Oh, and I LOVE that your photo is my little painting! LOL


  2. good luck sweetie, I had no idea, you must hide your inner werewolf really well! that device looks suspiciously painful, though...

  3. You have man-hair up the back of your thighs?? I've massaged them and can't say I've ever noticed that...

  4. Ummmm, I have to ask....

    Why bother?

    Mouse was kind of being a bit token about the hair removal thing when we got together 15 years ago and I just said that, why bother?

    In it's natural state body hair is soft and I don't find it unappealing.

    It seems a lot of people go through a lot of pain for fashion.

    Having said that, the Romans were plucking out hair 2,000 years ago (especially the boys)

    Still interested in how you go : )