Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Day 3

Second try.

On Monday i made the mistake of watching the full DVD* rather than just reading the cheat sheet. DVD says "pass over the skin until it feels smooth" while the cheat sheet says "Do not over no!no! 2-3 passes should be enough. This is a process - shave or buff stubborn hair away."
Anyway, I have resolved to stick to the 4 step process with only 2 passes per blade from now on.
The hair didn't look long enough for the "long hair" hot blade, but i smelled burning hair, so I guess it was working.

Time for whole leg: 40 minutes!
Mostly, i attribute this to the fact that I didn't have to mow down such a long lawn as i did two days ago.

Result: Still the 'shaved last night' feel. I'm getting better at knees too.

- The stubble from no!no! is still spiky but not as damn prickly as shaving stubble cos the hairs are melted rather than whittled to points. The Man has decided it is okay and i don't need stockings in bed.
- The red stretch mark scar in my inner thigh stopped being red after a day but it is now a little darker than its fellows. Lesson 1: Don't burn your scars. Lighter no!no!ing today in the same area hasn't reproduced redness as yet (1hr).

* The DVD also shows models no!no!ing on a white couch. Hm. Hair trimmings and burnt hair smell. Couch. Right... Also, the amount of dead skin you can buff up after heat-treating your legs is quite astounding. Hint: ONLY no!no! ON TILES OR FLOORBOARDS. Unfortunately for my fiance, the only place with boards and good light that isn't the kitchen or the bathroom is the landing outside our bedroom. Burnt hair smell is a great incentive to get out of bed, poor dear.

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